An Unpleasant Walk

An Unpleasant Walk Cover

Elizabeth Bennet thinks she is a great judge of character. She is sure in her belief that Mr. Darcy is rude and arrogant, Mr. Wickham is all that is charming and did not deserve to be cast off, and Colonel Fitzwilliam is much more amiable than his cousin. However, when Colonel Fitzwilliam decides he would like to take her as his mistress, despite her feelings on the matter, Elizabeth is forced to reconsider what she thought she knew. He does not accomplish his goal, but although she was not fully violated, she knows that if his attack became known, it would be the ruination of her entire family. It is at this moment that Mr. Darcy, whom she had judged to be disdainful, ill-tempered, and incapable of kindness to those deemed beneath him, offers his support and assistance.

Elizabeth must come to terms with her feelings of guilt and shame, conquer her fears, and learn to trust again.

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