Obsessed with Books

It’s probably one of the first signs of aging these days: looking at a social media website and saying “I don’t get it.” But I’ll admit it anyway. Most of the time I don’t get tumblr. That didn’t stop me the other day when I saw a picture on Facebook attributed to a tumblr blog. (I had to ask somebody what to call the posts originating from a single user. That’s how little I get tumblr. Anyway….)

The post was this image.

And that’s something I totally do (although not every time). Often, when I re-read books, I only re-read bits of them. My favorite bits, of course.

From there, I had to look up bookfessions on tumblr, and I started scrolling through the images.

Some were things I do. Like this one.

And this one:

Others were mildly horrifying:

I never write in books in any permanent way! If there is something I absolutely must write in a book, I do it in pencil, lightly, so I can erase it in the future if I decide to. Highlighters, to me, are things for making your notes in class a bit easier to study, not for use in books, even textbooks. But that’s me.

Some of them were just impressive, like the 13 year-old that had more books than any other member of their family. Or the high school sophomore who has already read everything in the school library. Then there was the person who was more upset about forgetting their book than they were about forgetting their lunch. While I sympathize, I get monstrously cranky without food, so I’d still have been more upset without lunch.

The one that really caught my attention, though, was this one:

No, I haven’t tripped recently while walking and reading at the same time. I liked it because it reminded me of something. On the first day of the new semester, I woke up early and was driving to work feeling blah (I’m very much not a morning person). A few blocks from my house I spotted somebody walking along the street with their nose in a book.

It definitely caught my attention, and then a moment later, I felt a bit sad that a sight like that was so unusual as to have done so. If it had been somebody texting while walking, I likely wouldn’t have thought twice about it. People pay more attention to their electronic interactions at times than they do to people in the same room with them. Seeing somebody texting while walking is commonplace and only worthy of notice when something unusual happens.

But that guy reminded me that there are other people out there even more obsessed with reading than I am. And bookfessions has highlighted over a thousand of my fellows. If you’ve got some time to waste, I highly recommend skimming through some of the posts there. Maybe, if tumblr ever sucks me in, I might even submit one or two of my own.


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