200th Anniversary of Pride and Prejudice

My favorite book is 200 years old today! A book that has been called the most influential novel ever. I think that makes it time for a literary celebration.


Now, how to celebrate?

The BBC is recreating the Netherfield Ball. But sadly, Mr. Bingley never sent me an invitation.

Author Wendy Soltis has challenged herself to re-type Pride and Prejudice in it’s entirety. But I’m not quite that ambitious myself, although I have in the past retyped entire books when the hard copy I had was in danger of falling apart (back in the dark ages before I bought just about everything for my e-reader).

If I didn’t have work, I might attend the twelve hour live reading of Pride and Prejudice in Chicago. And there are all kinds of events all over the world.

Aside from celebrations, the anniversary has sparked a slew of people to examine what it is that makes Pride and Prejudice so special even 200 years later. From articles about Elizabeth Bennet, to a visit to Bath to learn to become a modern day Darcy. Or how a 228 year-old man can still enrapture so many women. You can find tips on how to be a Pride and Prejudice tourist. Learn about objects that tell us about Jane Austen. Or read more about common misconceptions of themes in Jane Austen’s works. Want to know more about the cult of Janites?

There are discussions of which actor made the best Mr. Darcy. **cough cough Colin Firth cough** But clearly not everybody agrees on this.

How about some trivia with 12 facts you may or may not already know. Or do you know what P.D. James considers two plot problems in the original that she tried to resolve in her own novel?

There are ebook giveaways, and trivia contests abounding. And I’ve only scratched the surface of all the fun.

For now, I’ll leave you with some typically witty and insightful quotes by Jane Austen.


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