My Christmas Tree: Part 2

As promised, I’ve got a few more ornaments and memories to share this week.

And I even have a theme. Snow!

A Lace Snowflake A Lace Snowflake

This homemade crocheted snowflake was mailed to me five years ago. I was living in Asia at the time, in a location where 50 degrees Fahrenheit was cold. There were a few Christmas decorations, but it wasn’t as common or pervasive a holiday there.

An aunt–one of those aunts that is not a blood relative but a close family friend–sent this in a Christmas card so that I could have a white Christmas.

A Friend I've Never Met

A Friend I’ve Never Met

If you haven’t delved into the online world of Jane Austen fans, and lovers of Jane Austen what-if tales, you’re missing out. Since I discovered that I am not alone in my obsession, I have made a number of good friends in the various communities.

This snowflake also came in the mail, when I participated in a holiday card exchange two years ago. I got cards from all over the world (all of which I still have). I had them hanging up when some friends came to dinner. One photo card included images of Colin Firth, Matthew MacFadyen, and Richard Armitage. “What friend of yours has three such good looking sons?” one friend asked, staring at the card. After I stopped laughing hysterically, I explained.

I don’t have the space to hang up all the old cards in addition to all the new ones, so this snowflake stands in for them on my tree.

The Best Snowglobe Ever! The Best Snow Globe Ever!

This one I bought for myself. I have to say, it was one of the best investments I’ve ever made in terms of Christmas decorations. When I saw it in the store I burst out laughing so hard that I attracted attention from one of the sales people and had to explain myself. (The poor man must have thought I was mad.)

Can you spot why?

Snowglobe 2

How about now?

SnomThe globe, filed with styrofoam snow, and painted with a snowman, is also painted repeatedly with the word “snom!” Not once, anywhere on the ornament does the word “snow” appear.

It was on clearance for about $2, and there was no way I was leaving without it. I had already gotten my money’s worth by showing it to the cashiers and looking at their stunned faces as they tried to figure out why I would buy a defective ornament. Since then I have been paid back a dozen times over in showing it to people who fail to notice why it’s funny (it’s amazing how the brain automatically fixes things without you realizing), and smiling every time I look at it. It reminds me, in the midst of all the bustle, to take some time to smile and laugh.

As the holidays draw closer, I hope you find some time away from the running around to enjoy the fun of the season.


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