My Christmas Tree: Part 1

One of the best parts of the holiday season for me is decorating the tree. In my house, many important, or just memorable, moments are commemorated decorations. On the family tree at my parents’ house are baby’s first christmas decorations for my brother and myself, a few decorations we made as children, a hand-painted globe from my college, and any number of decorations bought at favorite vacation spots. (There is something inherently amusing about a christmas tree ball covered in coral and tropical fish.)

A lot of the really meaningful decorations from my childhood stayed at my parents’ house, but there are plenty of memories to be hung on my tree as well.

The Obligatory Monkey

I worked with monkeys for nearly a decade. As a result, I got many many monkey themed gifts. This particular one is from my grandmother, which makes it that much more special. (She takes great pleasure in picking out things that she thinks I’ll find cute.) This reminds me of both family and work, and years spent in other countries away from my family. I am grateful for the support my family gave me during my schooling.

Sports Team Love

Sports Team Love

This one was gift from mom. My grandfather indoctrinated me to being a Yankee fan at a young age. I would sit on his lap and together we would watch the Yankees losing (it was the 80s, and they were not doing well) while he told me that they were the best team ever. Later, my mom even taught her birds to cheer for the Yankees. (They will chant “Let’s go, Yankees!” and then make a clapping noise or bang their beaks on something to make the noise).

I’ll never be a stats-quoting fanatic, but I do enjoy watching the games, especially with family.

Frosty the S'More-Man

Frosty the S’More-man

Another gift from Mom, this one with a specific story behind it. Shortly after graduating from college, I was set to move to Costa Rica for a year. Mom and I went to Philadelphia so I could get a passport and some supplies for my travels. In the evening we decided to stop for a snack and wandered into a Cosi. Neither of us had ever been to one before, and we were delighted to find s’mores on the menu. We had an inordinate amount of fun toasting marshmallows over the sterno they brought to the table. When she found this ornament a little over a year later, she bought two, one for me and one for herself. Since then, Frosty the S’More-man has been on my tree every year.

More ornaments next week! May you be reminded of many pleasant memories this holiday season, whatever holiday you celebrate.


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